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News-Aratek to Showcase FBI-Certified Fingerprint Scanners at SDW 2018

Shenzhen, June 15, 2018 — ARATEK®, a global leader in biometric identity management and authentication solutions, will be showcasing its latest full range of FBI-Certified fingerprint scanners at SDW 2018, the world’s largest dedicated conference and exhibition for next-generation human identity solutions.

Aratek will introduce its FBI-certified fingerprint scanners: A400, A600 and FRO900 at SDW 2018 in representing a continuation of long-term efforts to make rugged, high-quality and cost-effective fingerprint scanners for identity and access management.

A400 is a compact capacitive scanner that meets or exceeds rigorous requirements from FBI PIV certification to China’s GA certification and India’s STQC certification for civil ID, healthcare, education and various applications. Aratek A600 is an elite FBI certified optical scanner to give you advanced accuracy and a high-performance fingerprint authentication experience. FRO900 is a FBI IAFIS Appendix F certified 10-print roll scanner with advanced 4-4-2 live detection method that delivers the highest quality fingerprint images. FRO900 is perfectly suited for national ID, law enforcement, border control, public security and other enrollment applications, especially for the needs of acquiring four fingers simultaneously.

FBI certification ensures that Aratek’s fingerprint scanners can deliver the highest quality of fingerprint capturing as well as the interoperability for seamless working capability. “By providing cost-effective and powerful biometric solutions for ID management, Aratek helps our customers to improve the way they authenticate the user’s identity. ” said Michael Shao, Aratek Biometrics Technology CEO.

SDW 2018 will be held at the QEII centre, London from June 25-27. Please visit Aratek stand #M75 (5th floor) at SDW 2018 and experience more on our FBI-certified scanners and biometric solutions.

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News- Aratek Attains FBI Certification for Lastest A400 Capacitive Scanner

Shenzhen, Apr. 12, 2018 — Aratek®, a market-leading provider in biometric identity management and biometric technologies, announced today that its latest A400 capacitive fingerprint scanner has certified by FBI to be compliant with Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Image Quality Specifications standard for single finger scanning. This is another affirmation after their A600 and FRO900 scanners were both received FBI certification a while ago.

A400 is a compact and rugged capacitive scanner that meets or exceeds rigorous requirements from FBI PIV certification to China’s GA certification and India’s STQC certification for civil ID, healthcare, education and various applications. It’s an important achievement of Aratek’s long-term dedication to product development. The multi-certified biometric technologies in A400 scanner facilitate high speed fingerprint authentication while also delivering meticulous level of accuracy and security.

”FBI PIV certification is the key industry standard that ensures the reliability and interoperability in biometric authentication devices.” noted Michael Shao, Aratek Biometrics Technology CEO. “With FBI certification, It not only means A400 capacitive scanner can provides high quality and standards-compliant fingerprint image capturing to our partners and end users, but also shows Aratek’s effort in developing accurate and advanced biometric technologies are globally accepted and recognized.”

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News - Aratek to Introduce Advanced eID Technologies at ID4Africa 2018

Windhoek, Namibia, April 26, 2018 — ARATEK®, a leading global provider of eID and biometric authentication solutions, is thrilling to introduce its latest eID technologies and biometric solutions at ID4Africa  2018, the biggest Annual Forum on electronic identity in Africa.

The 3 Day event, themed ‘Pathways to Digital Identity’, has been held since April 24 in Windhoek, Namibia. Following the previous themes and discussions, this year’s forum is centered on key issues in digital identity ecosystem and its applications. Over 50 nations and 22 development agencies come together to share insights and experience about how to craft a tailored national strategy for the development of digital identity in Africa countries.

Responding to the needs of digital identity deployment, Aratek showcases its latest FBI-certified scanners and biometric mobile terminals, revealing the advanced capabilities and versatile applications in a variety of eID solutions that successfully gain traction at ID4Africa. Aratek provides comprehensive solutions with integration of accurate biometric authentication technologies, flexibility biometric platform and smart mobile terminals to enable African governments to deploy their own national security and identity management.

“We are excited to participate again this year at ID4Africa 2018.” said Samuel Wu, Aratek VP of Sales. “Our biometric products and solutions have been affirmed by many countries from the world, we hope to have more opportunities to work with African countries in the future.

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