China Visit – Partner Meetings

In March 2018, Technology 4 Solutions’ president, Edgar Zorrilla, traveled to Shenzhen, China, and Hong Kong to meet with our strategic technology partners, Aratek and Chainway. Aratek is a global leader in biometrics and securities industry based out of China that provides software and hardware products for biometric fingerprint, face, and finger vein recognition. Chainway is a leading “Internet of Things” company in China and a professional provider of products and solutions of RFID and barcode technologies.

Meetings with Aratek revolved around international exposure, opportunities abroad, and the use of Aratek devices in mobile biometric solutions offered through the T4SS portfolio. In addition to reviewing the product roadmap, marketing materials were exchanged to continue supporting each other’s portfolios and sales efforts. A formalization of Aratek’s international business division ensures continued expansion to Africa, Asia, Europe, and through T4SS in the Americas.

Meetings with Chainway focused on their new portfolio of products bringing many upgrades and improvements to older models. This revamp of handhelds is an exciting new addition to the T4SS product portfolio. One of their newest products, the V600, is a telematics vehicle computer with superior performance for safer fleet management.

While in China, T4SS was able to investigate some other technology-oriented solutions such as RFID wearables and passenger counting using CCTV. In addition, we were invited to Emperor Technology to discuss their rail transit division where they’ve developed BRT solutions (Bus Rapid Transit) where the passenger information systems are incorporated with automatic payment systems, fingerprint authentication, and on-site payment using e-wallet applications.

Overall, this visit proved largely fruitful and we are happy to share some pictures below:

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