T4SS takes partners to the Phillippines

In April 2018, Technology 4 Solutions’ president, Edgar Zorrilla, returned to Asia to explore business opportunities available to the T4SS portfolio in the Philippines. The visit largely centered on the development of smart cities and the infrastructure and technology required.

Smart cities are usually borne adjacent or within urban areas and use different types of electronic sensors for data collection to manage the city’s assets and resources efficiently. A smart city’s central mission is to optimize and drive economic growth by improving quality of life using smart technology.

T4SS through consultancy and products has an opportunity to participate in the development of these smart cities around the world.

To the Philippines, T4SS brought LED smart lighting solutions, asphalt recycling and renewing, as well as consultancy and support capabilities regarding CCTV video monitoring and broader education and social initiatives through technology.

T4SS strategic partners, Pounce and MaxLuz are associate Mexican companies that design, develop, and manufacture innovative technologies. For smart cities, their smart LED lighting solutions promise citizens a better quality of life due to the optimization of resources that offers far greater quality, reduces costs, and supports a sustainable future.

T4SS was also able to present our partner Benedetti’s asphalt recycling and renewing solution known popularly as ReHEAT (Recycled Hot Emulsified Asphalt Treatment).

Beyond green technology offerings for the development of the smart cities in Manila & Bataan, T4SS also presented some consultancy projects involving the video monitoring or CCTV of the city, as well as the education and social initiatives involved student and teacher attendance and performance. The concept of communication and notifications was discussed in relation to schools. Smart cities are primarily defined due to their use of electronic sensors for data collection to manage the city’s assets and resources efficiently. However, this interconnected quality of the city can extend to the citizens within as well. Schools within a smart city can capture student attendance and communicate it securely to their parents through real-time communications.

Please enjoy some pictures from our visit:

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