International Business Update

As the Technology 4 Solutions team and greater business channel network moves into the fourth quarter of 2018, we wanted to share with our partners, friends, colleagues, prospects, and clients on the updates from around the world.


In the United States, we are still commercializing the  ReaXium solutions in secure transport and identification across a variety of unique markets, such as education, healthcare, and tourism.


Across the Caribbean and Latin America, partners are finding opportunities to work with government agencies and large corporations looking to improve the daily lives and operations for their citizens and employees. In the Dominican Republic, projects are in discussion for secure employee transportation and intelligent transport systems for the public. In Colombia, similar secure passenger transport opportunities are being explored in the school and private sectors. Colombia, like Guatemala, has also been hot for transformation of traditional street lights into LED street lights and pilot orders are underway to make green technology changes across the region.  Alternatively, Argentina and Mexico have partners commercializing the ReaXium Citation solution sets for residential, commercial, and transit ticketing needs.


Further still, new partners in Kenya are approaching private schools to integrate  ReaXiumSchool Bus solution into their student transportation services. In South and Central Africa, T4SS has introduced a few different partners from our network to each other and asphalt recycling contracts are being explored to commercialize the Benedetti Re-HEAT asphalt machines.


With many of our most innovative technology partners out of Asia, we are happy to be doing some cross-cultural business and bringing Pounce (out of Mexico) to the Philippines where the largest citizens are looking to transform to LED smart street lighting.


Overall, T4SS and partners have been lining up great opportunities into the end of this year. Q4 and the beginning of 2019 are set to bring great new business around the globe!

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