Aratek Celebrating 15 Years Of Innovation & A New Product

Our team at Technology 4 Solutions congratulates our partner, Aratek, for 15 years of continuous innovation with biometric technologies! Since our beginnings in 2014, we’ve had the proud honor to work with them in a strategic partnership to create a series of unique solutions that service a number of B2B industries and B2G sectors.

Our close friend, Samuel Wu, Aratek’s VP of Sales recently announced the launch of the new Marshall, an all-in-one device for identification and authentication during an interview with Biometric Update. “It seamlessly integrates with various FBI-certified fingerprint scanners such as FAP20, FAP30, or FAP 45, affording users the utmost flexibility” said Wu. It has the added benefit of a built-in printer to generate paper-receipts for remote operations.

Wu expresses Aratek’s excitement as this device will serve as the backbone for financial services, social welfare, voter registration, attendance management, and many other fields. The heart of Aratek devices lies in their intuitive BIONE algorithm, observed to accurately match a fingerprint within 0.01 seconds.

We congratulate Aratek on their 15 years of success, and wish them 15 more for their incredible software and technology. “Without Sam and the team at Aratek for their dedication in biometric technology, Technology 4 Solutions may not be where it is today. We’re proud to be alongside them today and the future”, says Edgar Zorrilla, CEO of Technology 4 Solutions.

Check out the amazing specs of the newly debuted Marshall device on our Product Portfolio.

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