T4SS Travels to Colombia

Technology 4 Solutions’ Channel Sales Manager, Gilberto Lobaton, traveled to Bogotá, Colombia in early May to support the ReaXium School Bus debut.

Alongside our regional sales partner, Andres Espitia, Gilberto showcased the ReaXium School Bus solution at the second Educational Pastoral Congress (Congreso Pastoral Educativa) for the CONACED BOGOTÁ y Cundinamarca, the Catholic Education Federation for the capital region of Colombia.  

This event is meant to bridge the gap of quality education and provide students a brighter future as a result of it. It welcomed ideas and solutions from speakers and partners in providing the right resources to achieve the overall goal of bettering the school experience.


Our Sales Team members demonstrated how a school can be made safer for students, educators, and school officials. The suite of services ReaXium provides for our domestic channels, we extend to international markets. It is and will always be a priority for ReaXium to advocate greater school safety, proactively, through the use of innovative technology. This mission is why ReaXium and T4SS have been exploring the solution’s international reach.


In Colombia, pupil transportation deals with the similar challenges of vehicle visibility and rider identification that plague American systems as well. ReaXium School Bus would provide these Catholic schools and their transportation partners with tools to control student ridership and their fleet of vehicles. Additionally, providing parents and families with peace of mind and access to notifications about their specific child’s bus or van would prove integral to improving the experience of all involved. With great feedback from the conference participants, ReaXium and its international partners through T4SS are excited to explore solution opportunities in Bogota and the surrounding region with many of these forward-thinking schools.