T4SS Overseas: Visiting our Partners in Asia

Recently, the T4SS team and CEO Edgar Zorrilla, traveled overseas to meet with current partners and create opportunities to work with new ones.

The portfolio of T4SS is vast and includes a number of companies located in Shenzhen, China and Taipei, Taiwan. The purpose of this trip was to visit the headquarters of each company to strengthen relationships, test new products, and review the roadmap for these companies.

“Each year, T4SS visits its partners to better understand their go-to-market strategies,” said Zorrilla.“Because of these visits, we are able to sit and help develop the vision. We truly do feel a part of the team!”

Long standing partners, Aratek and Chainway, have been a great success for T4SS. Aratek utilizing biometrics for digital security, and Chainway providing their RFID technology and software, have made a strong impact in the United States as consumers are aware of their revolutionary uses.


During this visit, T4SS had opportunities to visit the headquarters of other organizations. Invited to headquarters EmperorTech and Concox in China, then LionTech and Axiomtek in Taiwan. These companies offer a range of applications from personal ID cards, GPS services, and AI software.

The relationship that T4SS shares with its partners is a strong one. As the organizations develop new technology, T4SS brings them to diverse international markets and gains feedback from its consumers. This exchange happens rapidly as this digital landscape changes constantly.