Bringing innovative solutions to Medellin!

T4SS attended the Trafic Lationamerica conference in Medellin, Colombia. This event centered around the theme of how to improve life by using innovation in technology. As participants of the event invited by SESCO, T4SS represented an innovative technology for the construction industry – a machine that recycles asphalt.

This machine, created by Angelo Benedetti Inc., removes the top layer of asphalt, re-heats it, blends it with unique additives, and then layers it back down to be leveled out. With this process, companies flex their dollar more and can pave 30% – 40% more than what they originally paved.

At this privately held event, we spoke directly with influencers such as the Vice Minister of Transportation and the Secretary of Mobility for the city of Medellin.

“We received a ton of positive feedback,” said Miguel Zorrilla, T4SS’ Director of Operations. “A great deal of interest from Medellin’s Innovation Department in our unique product. This truly is for the betterment of the people that live and travel daily in the city.”


Zorrilla mentions how the city should reconsider their traditional bidding process and allow organizations with unique solutions to solve them.


The focus for T4SS has been to improve the lives of others through innovation. To see other industries we serve, please explore more of our page.