Advanced Technologies for Safer Spaces

T4SS has always been committed to showcasing technologies for the greater good.

We join our partners in the fight and response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fighting COVID-19 with...

Air Purification

Partnered with ReaXium and Airlabs

For School Transportation:

For Commercial & Retail Industries:

An advanced air purifier that protects drivers and students from airborne viruses, including SARS-COV-2, to mitigate risk of exposure and spread of COVID-19.

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From emergency workers to office personnel, commercial drivers to dentists, air filtration technology is being deployed in ambulances, offices and personal vehicles to clean the air and reduce the risk of exposure to airborne coronavirus.

Access Control

Using biometrics to promote secure access ...​

Reduce risk of contagion in shared spaces through biometrics

Turnstile solutions to protect spaces