Our consultancy services allow us to understand the most critical pains our customers and prospects may be experiencing when a lack of information protection is in place in their organizations. Our Information Protection methodology and tools allow us to effectively protect our customers business and most critical data by creating a high impact information protection architecture. Our solution is based on a scalable, flexible and inter-operable technology platform that integrates the operations of various agencies, such as fire and police.

Advantages at a glance

  • Strengthens security agency’s capacity to work jointly with the community by increasing efficiency and expediting emergency response.
  • Provides intelligent solutions to fight crime more efficiently.
  • Offers better resource management.
  • Supports decision-making based on better information.
  • Integrated response
  • Our technology platform interconnects several technological security devices. These send information in real time to provide authorities with a holistic view of public safety incidents

Easier reporting

This platform allows citizens to report incidents via telephone, social networks, alarm devices and panic buttons.

Smarter Analysis

It also provides authorities with a tool for analyzing incidents that facilitate integrated management and monitoring and suggests appropriate responses.

Better Planning

It can also consolidate management information, statistics and indicators, helping build knowledge about threat and risks assessment, future action and resource planning.